Shopping For Deer Hunting Guns? Here’s How Professional Hunters Shop


Beginners and pros usually look for the same things when shopping for deer hunting guns. Speaking from experience, beginners usually look for either what’s hot or what’s practical; the former being the most obvious choice. But experience will illustrate just how important some factors are when choosing a deer hunting rifle. Which is why professional hunters may look for something more than entry level hunting rifles. Although there are appealing specs that a pro might see in entry level guns, it might not meet the specs a pro hunter might be looking for. So let’s take a look at how professional hunters shop for deer hunting guns!

How Do Professional Hunters Shop For Deer Hunting Guns?

Unlike beginners who presumably don’t have much experience handling rifles, pros know what they do and don’t like about deer hunting guns. In fact, pros might actually be buying new rifles because they can’t stand their old ones anymore or their needs have increased since then. For someone who wants to start hunting but hesitates to committing financially, it’s often best to invest in the best rifle possible. How? By shopping for deer hunting guns the way pros do it, and this is how they do it.

Tip #1: Trigger pull weights

Trigger pull weights | Shopping For Deer Hunting Guns? Here's How Professional Hunters Shop
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The first thing I check each time I get to handle a rifle is how much pressure does it take to pull the trigger. I find pull weights on the 5 to 6-pound mark optimal while holding the crosshairs steady on the target. More than this is too heavy and keeping the rifle steady while pulling the trigger is a bit of a challenge. Conversely, a lighter pull weight may lead to accidents and unintentional pulling. However, picking a nice gun with a horrible trigger could easily be fixed by a trigger job.

Tip #2: Aftermarket sales

Aftermarket sales | Shopping For Deer Hunting Guns? Here's How Professional Hunters Shop
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Another important factor to consider is the aftermarket add-ons you can purchase for your gun. While some hunters don’t like accessories, others do so you should consider aftermarket sales if you’re one of them. Furthermore, a cheap deer hunting gun can turn into a dream gun with just the aftermarket accessories. So, it’s best to think of what you can buy to add to an already excellent gun to make it even better.

Tip #3: You can customize your gun

Customize your gun | Shopping For Deer Hunting Guns? Here's How Professional Hunters Shop
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So you pick up a gun and you’re satisfied with the action, but there’s something about the stock that you really dislike. You don’t need to worry about that ’cause you can have your gun customized. If you’re not into tinkering with your gun, go visit a gunsmith! Have that stock replaced so it matches the length you desire. This way, the gun won’t be too short or too long for your arms making it very comfortable to aim with.

Tip #4: Stick with the brand you like

Brand you like | Shopping For Deer Hunting Guns? Here's How Professional Hunters Shop
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As a veteran hunter, I’ve been able to handle almost half of all the rifle brands out there, and I’ve grown to love Remington. As such, I’ve decided to stick with Remington rifles ’cause I know what their weaknesses are and replace the parts that I know might give out in time. However, there are also great advantages to trying out new manufacturers. One is that you might just discover what perfectly suits your style which you would never have known if you didn’t try. This is just a matter of preference and intuition so do what your gut tells you!

Tip #5: Barrel life

Barrel life | Shopping For Deer Hunting Guns? Here's How Professional Hunters Shop
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Are you looking for a long-term gun or just an extra rifle that could handle abuse? As you might already know, barrels are only good for a number of rounds. If you plan on getting a gun that could eventually serve as an heirloom, this is a thing to consider.

Check out this short video from Unloaded Gun Reviews on how to choose a deer hunting rifle: 

With all the deer hunting guns in the market, it’s a pain picking out the best one for you. However, once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it should be easy from there on. But with a professional hunter, it’s just a walk in the park. If you’ve got ideas of your own on what things to consider when buying new deer rifles, share them through the comments!

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